Role: Architect and Museum Planner, Supply and Install of Exhibits

Client: Saudi Binladin Group

Building Area: 4.000 sqm

Status: Opened in 2019

The Astronomy Center is located inside the Makkah Clock Tower in the space behind the four clock faces. Visitors are brought up some 400m high with elevators. The exhibition spanning over three galleries surrounds a gigantic, 50m high void space. Each gallery is dedicated to one of the main themes - The Universe - The Sun, Earth and Moon - Timekeeping. A true to scale model of the Planets in relation to the Sun is on display in the void space.

The exhibition is designed as a spectacular visual journey, letting the visitor experience the awe and the greatness of the Universe. Each gallery comprises of a balanced composition of large graphics, models and media exhibits fully immersing the visitor into each scenery. Facts based on the latest scientific findings are audible with a audio guide system in 13 languages. Throughout the exhibition relating verses of the holy Quran are on display.

The exhibition includes several worldwide unique exhibits like the largest and most detailed image of the Milky Way and the largest and most detailed model of the Moon and the Earth.